Undergraduate Programmes

The purpose of this course is to enable scholars explore business creation and growth as a multidimensional phenomenon in both independent and corporate (intrapreneurship) settings. By linking theory and practice the course aims to provide students an entrepreneurial perspective and a hands-on experience in the development of new business ventures.

BCOM. Common Courses

BCOM 111 Principles of Management Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/course/search.php?q=bcom+111&areaids=core_course-course

BCOM 112 Elements of Accounting Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/course/search.php?q=bcom+112&areaids=core_course-course

BCOM 113 Introduction to Business Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/course/search.php?q=bcom+113&areaids=core_course-course

STAT 111 Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/enrol/index.php?id=197

SHUM 111 HIV/AIDS and Gender Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/enrol/index.php?id=82

ECON 111 Introduction to Micro Economics Click this link

MATH 111 Foundations of Mathematics Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/enrol/index.php?id=69

BSEN 111 Philosophy of Entrepreneurship Click this link https://ecampus.uoeld.ac.ke/course/search.php?q=econ+111&areaids=core_course-course